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Yale Bowl — 1914



The Yale Bowl, home to the Yale football team, is the second oldest active college stadium in the country and one of four National Historic Landmarks on Yale's campus. Designed by Charles A. Ferry (Yale 1871), it has hosted hundreds of college football games over the years, as well as the 1995 Special Olympics, rock concerts, and—for two seasons—the New York Giants. The Bowl seats 61,446 spectators and has 30 entrance tunnels. Thanks to alumni contributions, the Yale Bowl was carefully restored in 2006. Walls were rebuilt, utilities were upgraded and all 17 miles of wooden seats were repaired or replaced.

Did You Know?

When the Bowl opened in 1914, it was the largest stadium built since the Roman Coliseum.

Yale Bowl

249 Derby Avenue
New Haven, CT 06516


Charles A. Ferry



Renovation Architect:

Vincent Benic Architects




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