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Sculpture Building — 2007



In 2007, the University completed a new building for the graduate and undergraduate Sculpture programs on the block bound by Edgewood Avenue and Park, Chapel and Howe streets. Architect Kiernan Timberlake and Associates designed this complex, which includes gallery and an adjacent parking garage with retail space as well as offices for Yale Security Services. The new building includes offices, studios, classrooms, and machine shops.

The four-story Sculpture Building is one of several green buildings on campus. It is sited to maximize the amount of natural light available, reducing the need for artificial illumination, and features large windows throughout the studio spaces. The south and east facades have external shading to control the solar load of the building. Interior materials are mostly regionally grown or produced (within 500 miles of campus) and include post-consumer recycled newspapers. By implementing waterless urinals, a rainwater reuse systems and other strategies, the designers reduced water consumption by 65%. In doing so, the building earned a LEED Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council.

Home to the Yale School of Architecture during the academic year 2007-2008 while their own building, Paul Rudolph's landmark Art and Architecture building (now Paul Rudolph Hall) underwent a major renovation, the Sculpture Building will soon welcome Yale's sculpture department. 

Did You Know?

When the Sculpture building was under construction, almost 90% of the project’s waste materials were successfully recycled.

Sculpture Building

36 Edgewood Ave
New Haven, CT 06511


Kieran Timberlake Associates

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